Tuchel sweeper stands the test of time for County Durham farmers

Durham farmers Kari and Neil Elliott have used their previous Tuchel sweeper for the past 14 years and because it’s stood the test of time so well, they recently invested in a new Tuchel Eco 230 Rotary Sweeper, which includes Tuchel’s hydraulic tipping collection hopper, for their mixed farm and livery yard.

“The old machine has been used most days since we bought it and its still working. We’ve given it to our son, Roy, who uses it on his arable farm twice every week at this time of year to keep his yard and buildings clean,” says Kari.

“We invested in a new Tuchel Eco 230 this year and it brushes extremely well, it’s very efficient and is permanently on the tractor because it gets used daily.”

“We have horses in livery and cattle which have just come in for the winter. It’s a muddy time of year, and the sweeper keeps the yard clean and tidy, so nobody has to walk around in mud.”

“It’s very Important to me that the yard is well presented and looks professional for our customers,” adds Kari.

Kari and Neil purchased the Tuchel sweeper from Paul Bellas at AgriSource Machinery. AgriSource  covers North Yorkshire and County Durham as the main dealer for Tuchel.

German manufactured Tuchel Maschinenbau sweepers are distributed by Sweepers and Machinery Ltd in the UK. Director, Stephen Melbourne, says demand has been incredible since launching earlier this year. “Sweepers and Machinery Ltd was founded in May 2020, to meet the growing demand for innovative, cost-effective road sweeper solutions that last due to their advanced build quality, and we have seen a lot of interest from dealers and customers so far.”

Farmers interested in finding more about the range can contact Stephen on 07917343516 or sales@sweepersandmachinery.co.uk and visit the website for more information: https://sweepersandmachinery.co.uk/